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Gina Gluvna - Spa & Fitness Director

Andrew Schrater - Front Desk

Charlotte Hunsaker - Front Desk

Darla Grey - Front Desk

Karen McLaurin - Front Desk

Marcelle Hurst - Front Desk

Sheila Vergari - Front Desk

Thomas Rosales - Front Desk


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Jen Racki

Jen Racki is a certified instructor for “HIGH Fitness”, bringing aerobics back with a makeover. Think HIIT training, Barre, and Toning while throwing in a little Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons with Dua Lipa, Bon Jovi and more music favorites. She boosts the physical and mental stamina achieved personally from group classes, so others feel the same joy, confidence, and warmth of something amazing, empowering others to be true to themselves while having fun!