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Gina Gluvna - Spa & Fitness Director

Andrew Schrater - Front Desk

Charlotte Hunsaker - Front Desk

Darla Grey - Front Desk

Karen McLaurin - Front Desk

Marcelle Hurst - Front Desk

Sheila Vergari - Front Desk

Thomas Rosales - Front Desk


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Diane Dunn

Diane is a Certified Life Coach, Orthopedic Specialist and Golf Training Instructor. She has been a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor for over 25 years. Diane has worked with pre and post-surgery clients; which is her specialty. She worked with collegiate athletes and clients with various issues such as MS, back, shoulder and knee issues. As a Life Coach, she works on the “whys,” which, according to Diane, is "one of the most successful ways to accomplish your goal."