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Here at the Las Sendas Spa and Fitness Center, we strive to offer holistic health solutions. Hypnosis and Reiki are two of the services we offer for the health of mind and spirit.

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Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind that everyone experiences during his or her everyday life. The hypnotic state is an optimum state for making changes in your life where you can set aside limiting beliefs that may have been preventing you from moving toward a more healthy and happier you.



Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing by balancing the body, based on the idea that unseen life force energy flows through us. A trained practitioner administers Reiki as a non-invasive healing technique using various hand positions on the client's body to promote healing and balance.

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Paula is a registered nurse, consulting hypnotist, Reiki master teacher, and rapid eye technician. Combining her nursing knowledge, training in alternative modalities, life experiences, and intuition, she offers uniquely personal and deeply transformative work.

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