3 Keys To Women’s Weight Loss


Because…cardio is terrible for long-lasting weight loss.

My cardio friends may throw rocks at me but hear me out…

Yes. Cardio burns more calories while you’re doing it. And that’s the problem.

Your body gets used to it. When you are exercising to burn calories, you tell your body that it needs to get used to this type of activity.

Your body is amazing. Exercise is healthy stress on your body — but still a stress.

And to protect itself against future stress, your body adapts so that the next time you do cardio, it doesn’t feel the same stress.

Cardio causes calorie burn and your body responds by adapting to become more efficient with calories, causing your metabolism to slow down over time. When you get better at your cardio, your body burns less during this time because you’ve gotten good at it. In other words, your body says, "she’s going to run further next time. I better save up energy."