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The Ancient Art of Cupping Therapy


A more Eastern-European traditional treatment that has become wildly popular in America in the last century is Cupping Therapy! Dating back over 2,000 years the Egyptians, Ancient Chinese and even those who lived in the Middle Ages have been depicted to have used Cupping Therapy as an all-natural pain relief.

In modern days it is still acknowledged as a form of pain relief for the body. By suctioning the cup to the skin, negative pressure is created from the cup, and it starts pulling, lifting, and decompressing soft tissues. After being left on for a few minutes, subcutaneous blood flow is drawn to the targeted area. The cups can be left stationary in one place, or a gliding motion can be applied across the injury.

With repetitive motion or injuries, toxins such as lactic acid can build up in muscles. When cupping is combined with massage, the toxins are filtered through the lymphatic system which then replenishes the area with healthier circulation and regeneration on a cellular level.

After a cupping session you can expect to feel relief. It is common to see some pink or purple circles for a few days where the cups were applied but these will subside after a few days. If you want to give Cupping Therapy a try, please visit the Las Sendas Spa for more information!

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